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      Hello! I wanted to ask what you think of my tune, you are very welcome to criticize ^^

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      Nice one! Love the tension and the vibe.

      I might automate a filter on that kick so that it kind of gradually comes in, vs. magically appearing at full strength.

      I think your upper bass “fizz” could be brought up quite a bit in gain. This is definitely a taste thing, but right now it’s just barely there, and I personally would like it to be a bit more hero’d.

      I dig the feelings of negative space, but I think as you approach that 2nd break you could fill the void a bit more…some kind of riser or noise, to let the listener know what’s about to happen. I think the first break could possibly use some moments of stabs or something to fill some of that negative void, as well. Not saying to completely occlude the negative space, just a nice little surprise, here and there.

      I really like the skittery organic robot-y sounds…my kind of jam.

      _-| get to work |-_

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      Thank you very very much!!!! <3

Viewing 2 reply threads
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