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      Hey guys I’m not totally sure if im alou to ask for feedback on tracks on here and if im not feel free to delete the post but i’ve got this track here and i would love some feedback on it 🙂
      I’m also struggling to think of any labels to send it to so any ideas would be lovely! thankyou – Feline

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        ,bicho raro

        Hi Feline,
        apologize my bad english…
        well, i like a lot this kind of minimal structure
        sounds are cool!
        syncopatic rhythm is amazing!
        At the moment I could only listen with headphones and I can’t able to “judge” if the track is pretty loud or not but firts impression is that this is a good work

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        Thankyou very much! i am still to go back to this i believe the loudness and that really needs to be fixed and i think ill go back to this in the new year thankyou for your kind words and your english was perfectly understandable good job! 🙂

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      I like its organic simplicity.
      I feel the sub should be a bit louder. In terms of structure I was expecting from 3:20 onwards to up the energy once more or add some more excitement but instead it seems like the track is kind of repeating itself and runs out of steam. Overall I think it is a brilliant start and worth some more effort to reach its full potential.

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        Thankyou very much for the feedback mate 😀 i think ill go in and make it go up another level at about 3:20

Viewing 2 reply threads
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