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      ,Joe Mathews

      Hi everyone! Fairly seasoned producer here. Launching my new project and looking for some feedback!

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      This sounds really cool! loving the ideas and groove here. I found the intro drums to be a bit loud compared to the drop, how is your sidechain game on the kick+snare+bass? I feel that the kick would benefit from being more present, kick and snare being the anchors to the rest of the tune, but that might just be a stylistic choice. Levels sounds good and nice crispy highs, ah those nice mids coming in at 4:20 ish sounds badass!

      Keep up the good work!

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      ,Joe Mathews

      Hey! Thanks so much for your feedback. I was hoping to get some on this so i really appreciate it!I’ll definitely be posting more, but talking to a few labels now so i dont want to put out too much haha! Thanks again!

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Refreshing tune dude – really nice to hear some different vibes.

      Great build up and that riff coming @ 0.53 in with all the other bits is awesome / special.

      Drop could perhaps be 5% more impressive when it comes in, sonically speaking. More width, depth, energy.

      Section from 1.53 is ?

      Kick could perhaps ‘thump’ a little more and drive the tune along with the bass.
      Try muting everything other that those two and Really working that low end & kick area of the mix, building up from there.

      4.20 mids are very nice – agreed!

      Great tune.

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      ,Joe Mathews

      Thank you so much for the feedback! Really appreciate the insight. I agree, the kick could probably use a little saturation to make it poke through a little bit more. Definitely have been using some new tricks in my mixes, and ill take that advice into my future tunes as well. overall, really happy you enjoyed the track though. Im going to post some more!


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      I like the percussion! ?

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