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      hi there,

      we try to finish these two tracks, and are looking for some feedback.
      what are your thoughts about the arrangement, the mixdown, etc.
      and the most important question (i think): would you put these tracks in your dj-bag and why (not)?

      looking forward to hear some thoughts 😀


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      ,Eugen Bass

      Hello, u Mindset yes? Both tunes got the ”finesse”. well done. Apart from the KICK on switch which is a bit shy for me…well not shy is just to burried into the sub, don’t got enough definition but you big boys i’m sure u know what to do there

      +++ also on switch: on your question, would i bag it? no, simply to many swithes for me and i don’t like real drums 😀

      On the other hand TYPHON frikkin rocks! Kick snare is right on, the fuzz on bass is perfect and also the structure.

      Ah! i got a bit confused by the drum roll in intro. i think is 1/4 late, or maybe do it more minimal. now it’s like TAP tap TAP/ TAP TAP tap Maybe a TAP TAP tap tap version would work better. Anyway that’s not a deal breaker and i would defo bag this!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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