First Beat in 6 Months – Feedback Welcome :)

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      Easy Genie Heads,

      I’ve taken a little break from producing over the last 6 months or so but over the last few days have been getting some ideas down. Any feedback is highly appreciated 🙂

      My mastering skills suck so it may be a little quiet.



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      Hey Ant, that intro is very dreamy, and I like the overall vibe. Great drum work IMO, makes me think of the late moments at the end of an all-nighter. The bass line and bass tone make me think of old Dope Dragon records for some reason, although it’s not that type of song.

      How was taking a break for you? Did you get to work on any guitar stuff during the break?

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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        Easy Harry, hope you’re well mate. Massive big ups for taking the time to listen and provide your thoughts, it’s much appreciated! A friend showed me some 117 stuff and it got me mad inspired. Not heard much Dope Dragon stuff but I’ll 100% check it out!

        The break has been doing me well thanks for asking mate, it’s given me a fresh perspective. I’ve not really listened to any newer bits coming out and I want to get some finished ideas down before I start A/B referencing. The Ukulele has been getting absolutely rinsed! It’s a nice way to chill and be creative without looking at a screen after a day of working with spreadsheets and systems.

        Again big ups for the feedback!

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        My comment about the late nights and you checking 117 releases tie together, most of the late nights in the mid-90s it was Trace that my friends and I were super in to hearing.

        Good to hear the break has been refreshing! I’m in a rut with my solo work, but part of it is so much going on lately, a lot of big life shifts compacted together. I do have a few collabs bouncing back & forth with some people, which has been good for me.

        "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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      I really like the drum work on this. The splashy amen and edits are good. Overall the track reminds me of the mid 1990s jungle sound and works well for that kind of vibe.

      You don’t hear too many amen rinses like this these days!

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        Easy Suspecto, thanks for providing feedback on this mate I really appreciated it. You’re right though, I miss those pitching amen crashes and snares from the 90s. Although, the Jungle scene is having a made resurgence at the moment… and I love it!

        Again thanks again for the feedback. I am glad you’re feeling the track!

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Cool tune! Bass bin rattler! A modern mix on a classic sound – great work 😀

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