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      Hi guys!

      I’ve started creating a library of my own re-samples (as I’ve seen/heard a lot of people do for improved workflow).

      Thought I’d share some of my first ones with you.

      I’d love to see someone incorporate something I’ve made into a finished track!

      Preview and download here –


      Zac x

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      ,dave [rom]

      Awesome, thanks for that! Some cool sounds in there! I’ve actually thinking about doing the same with some of my stuff. I posted in another thread about maybe getting some regular, short time frame production challenges going amongst the SG member – but it would be just as cool to get some collabs going between us. I’ve just started my first attempt at a remote collab with a hommie so i’m currently building up a sample library on dropbox for that any other potential collabs (also randomly about start an industrial tune collab).

      Let me know if anyone wants to try that and we can get a folder going!

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        Hi again mate,

        No worries I’m pretty new to all this but I hope they help get your creative juices flowing!

        That’s such a sick idea id definitely be down for that 🙂

        As well as perhaps working on a project too! What DAW you on?


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      Hey Zac !

      Thanks for the samples, I mashed something up fairly quickly, the sub is mine but all the mid-basses are resampled from yours. There’s still lots to do obviously, I’m sure I can add more groove to the first 16, the snare’s a bit wonky and it lack fx and all but anyway.

      When I’m done I can bounce out the samples and send them back to you if you want, it’ll help you build your library (and you’d get some drums samples as a trade-off 😉 )

      Cheers, V…

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        Hey V,

        That’s awesome!

        I really need to try and learn about the different elements that make up a track…

        I’m one of those ‘skip to the drop’ sort of guys so I kinda neglected learning about the rest of a tune!

        Yeah that’d be sick mate, I’ve only got two months of these samples – which are great, but I feel more is never a bad thing!



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        Haha, going out of the 16bars loop is definitely the hardest part of the process.
        I’m kinda forcing myself to work on intros very soon in the process, just by adding a couples of pads and some reverb on the drums and a riser, you get from a never to be finished loop to a 50% finished track. At the end of the day it really adds value to what you do and you’ll feel like you’ve created an actual piece of music.

        Btw I saw you’re working on FL (I am too) so feel free to hit me up on soundcloud if you want to try a collab. I saw you were mentionning Hexton in another thread so we might have some similar taste 🙂

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      ,GENIE HQ


      This is the kind of collaborative & sharing mindset we think that will help to push the genre forwards.. Great to see this kind of thinking develop. Big ups!

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      Oh and one other thing…

      I recently switched to FL Studio from Ableton (cracked – but couldn’t afford to get the full version so went with FL due to the low price tag and lifetime updates).

      Basically my life is in pieces without Ableton Sampler, anyone got a suggestions for a decent 3rd party sampler (free would be sick, but don’t mind getting a few less pints at the weekend in order to have a new VST haha)?

      Cheers if anyone can help,


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      ,Ruben D
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        Hi mate,

        Cheers for that!

        I do love the FL one as well but you can’t change the start point of the sample (or not that I know of!), which is major to how I create my resampled bass hits! 🙁


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      Hi Zac,

      thanks for these

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      ,Sunken Forest

      Downloading now! Always appreciative of finding new sounds to spark off inspiration. I’ll have to upload some stuff to share at some point. Recently acquired a Sherman Filterbank so I’m happy to run some of these samples through it. Could do like a recycling sample pack?

      Thanks so much for sharing. This is why I joined the community.

      Big Up.

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      I zipped a few of my samples, bit of drums, a few basses, a couples of pads and weird stuff I recorded (like my door knob, which sounds like an agonizing dolphin calling for help.)
      Here’s a link to my google drive.

      I haven’t added the ones I resampled from Zac though, I’m not done twisting them so that’ll come later.

      Cheers !

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