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      hej !!

      Not sure if it is well explained but i try to get my track filled with basses and sounds and want a lead bass that is more the style of Deep dnb but when i rise the ffreq in the EQ to get the freq filled around 2 – 3khz ist a high tone but any advice of getting a good to hear lead mid bass and also to have it kinda Deep ? does a filter Change the freqency too or just the Sound ? thank you

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      I’m having a bit of a hard time sussing out the questions here. But I’ll try:

      Boosting 2-3khz is ok to do, but it’s not going to give you strong leads or mid basses. Those are gnarly, PAINFUL freqs and should be boosted with caution. If you’re not sure what I mean, take serum (or any synth), make a sine tone that hits 2.5khz, and then try and boost it. You’ll be tapping out very quickly from the pain, they are super sensitive freqs for the human ear, as they hover around primary human voice frequencies (~1.5khz) and we humans are evolved to cue in on them. And sometimes they can be “drowned out” by having a lot of surrounding freqs be as loud or louder, but this is a mixing mistake, as the gnarly sounds are still there, and will eventually cause serious ear fatigue in your listener, and in you.

      Does a filter change frequency too, or just the sound?
      Filters can drastically change frequency response. An eq is just a series of filters. And if you’re talking about lpf or hpf, there is also the resonance consideration, which can actually boost frequencies at the crossover point.

      If you’re looking to get deep sub, but also some midbass character sounds, check out the QZB lessons in the SG backlog. There are some others, too, but QZB did a really good job of explaining how to manage sub against low and mid bass frequencies.

      _-| get to work |-_

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      thanks for the answer !

      yes since the QZB SG tutuorial this is my way of choice was just testing out the tunes i made on a big PA in a club before Set and they sounded alright compered to the first trys 😀 .. was just a thought to boost around higher range of frequenci as my normal process is to highpass around 200hz as a midbass and use amp or distortion to get those mid layer reese noise Things.

      bought the monologue and really happy with it so far only Thing is my ableton wont get the Sound of it in midi might check the Audio setiings again had a few weeks break but will post something here when i think ist goood eneugh to be heared by someone else tho !

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