Friendly reminder to keep ya computer clean of viruses and the like

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      This is not really a music based subject but trust me I’ve found out recently the damage this type of stuff can cause. My pc recently broke down so while I try to get back up and running I set up a basic setup on my old laptop which my son had been using got it what I thought was clean. Installed my daw plugged my back up usb drive of samples in all was fine for a few hours then bang wav files no longer recognised by the daw the laptop had a ransom locker in the background all 500gb of my samples is now encrypted ie can’t use them I salvaged about 10 gb tops from the whole drive these things are ruthless people be aware

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      ,GENIE HQ

      That is awful, so sorry to hear this happened. And thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Out of interest what was the ransom amount and how were you meant to pay it? Also if there is Sample Genie material you had, but have lost, let us know a this is definitely special circumstances and we can get that back to you.

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      it was throught bitcoin and ya get like a couple days to pay the ransom amount of like 40 quid which isnt much but if you dont pay that it goes up ten fold then if you havent paid that within the week they files are locked for good mad thing is from what ive read they will actually unlock the files if you pay

Viewing 2 reply threads
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