Halloween tune from a learner ;D

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      ,Ben Cresswell

      Hey all.

      Started this sample heavy track after watching the Optical videos. I’m new to production and synthesis so all the feedback is welcome. I really dont know what to concentrate my efforts on first to become a better producer, so any guidance would be appreciated!


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      ,GENIE HQ

      Definitely captured a Halloween atmosphere from the intro in… The Minor riff and the reverbed Toms give a distinct Michael Jackson / Thriller scene, good work! 😀
      You have some good features in this, especially for someone new to production, the arrangement works and the sections are not too long and you bring in and out elements at good times.
      As you keep learning and pushing what you can do with fresh edits, textures, more exciting, rhythms and sound design you music will naturally evolve.
      The only tip on the mix might be that the sub bass seems a bit quiet compared to the drums which are whacking nicely 😀

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      ,Ben Cresswell

      Noted! I’ll try and trash 2 it with some saturation. Is there a better way you’d suggest though?! I have a couple more ideas for this track so I’ll repost once I’ve had some time to play around ? thanks for the feedback

Viewing 2 reply threads
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