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      Hi guys and gurls of Sample Genie,

      I finally found courage to post a “Topic” in this great little forum.

      for starters : A lil about myself…

      I’ve been “creeping” around on this Website for quite some time now …well almost since the start :S *oops or shall we say since ive found this Website and became a Full Member.
      I Am making music since 2010 most of it Drum and Bass *(apart from some wonky donky dubstep of mine noone wants to hear..) and ive been using Reason quite some time and i just switched to Ableton Live in Nov 2015.
      I must say that Switch did it for me really, not only creative wise, though i liked my own tracks ive actually finished and was a lil bit proud too.
      But that lil pride shrunk pretty fast as soon as i heard the New Banger coming from Critical or Dispatch rec.

      Anyhow back to the music ey!

      I’ve made a small Playlist for you guys to listen to. Feel free to let me know if you like it, dont like it, find it awesome, weak, badly mixed or whatever you may think of them 🙂
      Basically i would apreciate the feedback on this.



      "Be aware of the unconscious"

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      hey man, first of good on ya for posting a topic its so easy to just lurk and not put anything out there. tunes sound pretty tight man, think i like high noon and savage the most.
      That feeling when you get a mean beat going then go listen to a professionally released track tho ae, crushes any little bit of pride you had and now that mean beat is not so mean, your not alone with that man haha. Anyway great work N3ptune

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        hey proxim ! thanks for the nice words man and glad you like it 🙂 Big Ups !

        "Be aware of the unconscious"

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      Some nice tunes here bruv, honourable mention for One million Kush.
      Yeah listening to professional tunes is a kicker but just keep focusing on your musical ideas and working on that next 5% improvement and you’ll nail it…so the theory goes anyway 😀

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      Keep up the good work. some killer ideas here

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      thanks for the feedback guys 🙂 keep me posted with your stuff too ! 😀

      "Be aware of the unconscious"

Viewing 4 reply threads
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