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      getting plenty of info on how to make very modern sounding snares, but not really what im going for. more going for less metalic sounding stuff, like break/dlr human error, break – gunpowder/all that’s left kind of sound. anyone got any tips to achieve this kind of snare??

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      I encourage to play around with snare or layers of one that has strong and decently loud fundamental and some snare wire sound on mid/high mid. The timbre of all snare at this point should be fairly dull but not muddy in mids. From here it is nice to go over your overdrive/distortion/envelope followers with filter/ limiters to see what your arsenal of tools will do to it on little or more hot side of settings. eg. if something sounds good then i´d back it up to introduce only some of those harmonics and reducing dynamics. Be more modest in inserts and wild on sends. Distortions bring that wire sound up without bringing up too much aliasing(that´s where the original sounds dullness comes to play).

      To fill out the body of the snare, i found that right reverb with eq settings works wonders here.

      Don´t be afraid to use many send fx chains until you get what you are after.

      You can have reverb baked into sound and go with this route:

      Kush audio inside info!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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