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      ,Eugen Bass

      Hello genies, i’m new around. This is a lil cool place! Damn i didn’t been on boards since DOA days 😀 …but fear not, since i don’t have FB i will fill my online time here 😛

      Part sad cause i lost the demo pack that was sent out in june, but hey there always another, right?

      Looking forward the tracks u guys are working on, maybe someone fance a collab soon?

      However, tnx SG for keepin it alive, the samples are top quality!

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Hey there and welcome :]
      yeah another demo send out will be coming up at some point soon!

      Post some tunes and people can have a look / see if they fancy a collab :]

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      ,Robert Kramer

      Welcome good sir Beepo 🙂

      I’m up for a collab some time – hit me up!

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      ,Eugen Bass

      I have some tunes on SC but they are private links. Can i trust the people here they know what it mean to keep the link for themself? Sorry to mention but it happened to me before. So what i post here stay here ok?




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      ,Eugen Bass

      PS: tracks not having play button enabled, just give it 30/60 seconds (Y)

Viewing 4 reply threads
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