How DId Everyone like the GRIDLOK TUT

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      YEAH I WATCH IT MAD TIMES didnt think it was too great at first but just seeing the ins and outs really helps


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      I liked a good bit of it. Will post my notes tomorrow probably.

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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        yah MAN cool

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        ,Zero Four

        It was okay, me personally I am not a big fan of showing how a tune has been worked through, but you cant please everyone. Some of it was fun to try but I prefer videos that walk through on certain techniques and how they make the sounds and how they change tracks after each 16/32 bars etc.

        Sometimes producers don’t struggle with finishing tunes, its more little tips here and there that will help elevate someone’s tracks to the next level if you get me. I remember a Halogenix one not so long ago and how he moves from one section to another, that has really added a nice touch to a few of my tracks.

        Id like to see maybe a few following
        – Making a beat from scratch (getting certain grooves) (different drums) (Jungle, Half Step, Minimal etc)
        – How to make a bass patch over a groove e.g. making patches from scratch in serum and actually getting it to fit.
        – Sound design (how an producer splits time between design and arrangement etc)
        – In depth breakdowns of some main plugins e.g. serum and other plugins (Making patches)
        – How to master/mix tracks
        – EQing – A little touch on certain elements (percussion) & How to glue everything together.

        That’s me personally. people may want other things but sometimes its the small things that help producers rather than tune walkthroughs as we find it hard to relate to.

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        yeas i totally understand what you mean i would of liked to see his drums on that second video really sick arrangement i struggle with tom break down stuff like that

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        Agreed id like more technical look at things like mixing and mastering. I think everyone “new” wants bass tutorials, but after a while this becomes same same… I like sample genie as it has a nice variety of tutorials. However on that note some of the track walkthroughs have been really insightful. I.e Halogenix “BLEJ’ and Disprove “FRQNCS” i found really useful. Joe fords have to be up there with the most useful for me

        Haven’t fully watched there Gridlok tutorial though so cant comment on current one…

        Nothing of interest here.

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      I enjoyed the two videos a lot. Big up Gridlok for taking the time to make them. Cheers.

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      I know breaking down a track isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I like to see it and hear the artists thoughts and decision making process.
      Thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to more, Gridlok has been one of my favourite artists since break the system so seeing him dissecting some of his own work for us is really inspiring.


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