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      Hi Guys,

      This is an unusual topic due to our circumstances.

      How much would you offer an agency for artist bookings? Our circumstances are very unusual.

      We live on a small island in the English channel called Guernsey.

      There’s a good scene over here and Drum and Bass I would say is defiantly one of our Main cultures. We have two clubs at the moment and recently the one that let us play DnB has shut it’s doors on our monthly slot. Also the club opens at 11:00pm and shuts at 02:00am. So not slot of time on the dance !
      At the moment we have zero drum and bass but a massive hunger for it.

      I have spoken to the manager and he says he will re open if I was to book artists. Personally I have a mortgage and all the rest of it. This doesn’t matter.

      The room to host is 80 people max and I would have to sell tickets to make money back, also fine! All I want to do is break even, I don’t want to make any money, I would happily lose 100 quid.

      The difficulty is getting the artist here, the flight prices are extortionate! Roughly average 140- 170 for a return from London !

      This being said I would also have to get the artist a decent hotel which is also not cheap in Guernsey !!

      There are artists I would like to book, if I were to outline this to the agency or artist, what do you think my offer should be and do you think this would be taken into account? I’m looking to book Philth or Bredren, QZB, Koherent, Arkaik. The list goes on.

      Just looking for some insight on maybe what other people have offered?

      Thank you in advance !!


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      It’s a shame you’re unable to get consistent bookings on Guernsey. Looks like a beautiful place!

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        This would be one of the main traits of artists wanting to come.

        Hospitality, hosted by myself and tours of the island 🙂

        A selling point I hope some will take on.

        I have messages a couple of agency’s and artists personally.

        Hopefully n for responses soon.

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      Have you thought about getting in touch with the boys at Vanguard in Jersey and see if you could organise a booking for you to ship between the islands? I dunno how it’d work out but it might be cheaper than just flying someone straight to Guernsey and back.

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