How to make the Liquid DnB Rimshot

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      Hey guys,
      I am trying to produce liquid drum and bass lately. One thing that’s bothering me is that I don’t have a good sample of those typical rim shots/ clap snare-sounds. Analyzing some Liquidtunes I found out that fundamental peaks way higher than those neuro pitchup snare you find in a lot of sample packs here, ‘cause in liquid there is often a pad at around 200 -300 hz.
      For those neuro snares are also a lot of good tutorials on how to make them on your own here at sample genie and digitallabz, but for those liquid ones I found none. Does anybody here got some good result in creating them on his/her own, or knows a good tutorial that gives me the information I am looking for? If not, does anybody know a good sample pack, so I can maybe try to reverse engineer it?
      Another thing I always wanted to ask you guys here is what is your favorite drum sampler for making your own dnb drums? Addictive Drums, Superior Drummer? Which pack of those?

      Cheers mates

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      ,GENIE HQ

      not sure if you got this free sample from FD?
      Has a great rim shot in it, as the title suggests!

      Will see if we can get something mentioned on this from either Lenzman or Halogenix in this coming run of tutorials.. 😀

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      Wow, didn’t expect this great reply to my post. Thank’s a lot. That’s excatly what I was looking for.

      Some words about this sound from a professional producer, whose bread and butter this sound is, would be awesome.

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