How to make this classic neuro sound

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      False Noise – When Memes Collide
      I know that this song is intended to be a meme, but that bass that he’s got underneath is real nice and I was curious as to if anyone knows how to replicate that kind of sound. The movement is really clean, and I wanna know how to get it so snappy and satisfying like that.
      Any help is much appreciated! Video links, anything like that helps a lot.

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      Not exactly that sound, but not a bad place to start:

      Also, one of the best neuro bass classes from SG lately:

      04 | DC BREAKS | Bass Design & Process

      And I personally like this one a lot, especially if you’re more on the beginner side:

      12 JADE & MINDSCAPE | Neuro Bass

      _-| get to work |-_

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