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      First of all, let me know if this is an inappropriate topic to ask in here.

      I’m looking on creating these pad like keys that can be heard right at the beginning of these songs:

      Random Movement – Future Fondler

      Lenzman – Waves

      I’ve literally exhausted my entire knowledge on (subtractive, additive) synthesis and signal processing without even coming close to that sound. I would love to know how would one choose the starting waveforms, the filter, signal processing and, if so, automation. All I know is, the obvious, and that is that this sound is drenched in reverb so that it can be pushed on the background layer of the musical scene (let me know if I’m wrong with this as well).

      And yes, I know it’s a lot to ask, instead of asking specific questions related to certain aspects of sound design, but I hope you will be as curious as I am to analyze the creation of these sounds. It’s definitely something that contributes to the creation of the atmosphere in a drum and bass track.

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Hey there, for this kind of vibe you may be best off hunting in the more organic domain rather than trying to synthesise it yourself.

      Of course, synths can make pretty much any known sound with enough programming and trial and error. But organic instruments often have beautiful and unique harmonics that sound amazing instantly. For these kind of sounds experiment with single notes and chords on a good quality Rhodes, organs and wurlitzer instruments – there are some great ones available for Kontakt.

      Sampling, chopping, adding reverb, reversing and playing at different pitches. Also time stretching the samples in something like Paul’s Stretch and then loading back into a sampler can give cool results. But one tip would be think organic rather than synthetic for the source harmonics. hope this helps 🙂

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      That’s more than helpful, since it contributes to my ‘mise en place’ approach. I’ve always been fascinated with the instrument repertoire that make up, for example, the mentioned atmospheres. They actually define a palette of colors to be used in the mixture that is the final product and I’ve been pondering for a long time about the missing colors in my formula. But now that I know that these pad like keys span from instruments such as Rhodes piano, organs or wurlitzers, it will definitely make the process more enjoyable and more fun.

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      And one more thing, I have to ask this, are there any tutorials, either free or for sale, that focus on how to make such pad like keys? I see an enormous accent put up on the lower frequency spectrum and, at least to my searches, not enough on these other aspects, these other ingredients of a tune. I would definitely vote a big +1 on this topic for future sample genie videos from your rosters.

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