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      I’ve been watching Imanu’s tutorial Starting from scratch PT 1, and I have noticed that at the second part of it, when he makes sidechain, he got it done with his “custom” sidechain template.

      I was wondering, maybe someone here could explain me a bit how to do same thing? Because if I understood it correctly, then he sends signal from his Patchers to those sidechain instrument slots, which really could help in terms of production speed (otherwise I have to export kick + snare as samples, which is really slow compared to what Imanu has done)

      Cheers, P.

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      Bro , If you have a Fabfilter pro C2 then make BUSES in the mixer like : (Drum Bus , Kick Bus , Snare Bus , KICK SNARE BUR ect..) then route your kick and snare to (KICK SNARE BUS ) and from there saidchain KICKSNARE BUS to the channel you want and there open Pro C2 , go to processing and right click saidchain (choose KICK SNARE BUS) and then ajust attack release so you can get the result you want . actually it’s not that hard and there is like tons of techniques how to do that 😉

      I hope you understood some of that 😀 cheers <img src=”; alt=”saidchain” />

Viewing 1 reply thread
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