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      ,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

      Hey all,

      I’ve recently got back into part-time production (and love this website/resource) – I find that my tunes sound dated (FYI – my ‘going out’ days started 1999).

      Latest here –

      Please have a listen and let me know what I should be doing to make them sound more current, or do I just embrace it? :-)?

      Would also welcome any other feedback you may have for me.

      Thanks in advance,


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      ,GENIE HQ

      Sounds awesome Mark – can certainly hear you have some vintage influences, viva la 90’s!

      The first thing that stands out is the beats are not hitting enough for 2021.
      That kick could thump your listener in the chest. The snares could punch us about.
      The Bass has a vintage tone and lots of grit, but the sub might be droning a bit for today’s market; more mid range thickness and texture and difference would all be helping hands too. Some more OCD patterns / editing? Some rhythmic surprises? Time and experimentation.

      The raw ingredients and vibe are there, and it could make a perfectly OK homage to the era we love so much, of course it could. But could this be elevated into a new decade? ? ?

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      I can see this being pared with old tech itch stuff for sure. really cool classic vibes I dig

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      ,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

      Thanks all – Work is nuts atm but will try and incorporate the suggestions when I get a chance (excuses, excuses)!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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