Insight on Distorted Rides & Cymbals?

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      I’ve been wondering how to make the contemporary distorted cymbal sound since I heard it on Break & DLR’s “City Slickers.” Since then, I’ve noticed it in a lot of tracks. I’ve tried a few approaches, such as smashing a cymbal into a limiter, or throwing an overdriven LP filter with some LFO action over a ride channel, but I just can’t seem to get it. Any suggestions on achieving this sound? Examples linked here:

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Inside Info did a thing on this on season 2, worth checking out for some tips..
      It’s about emulating the classic Kemal / Konflict sound – it involves sending low end bass and the rides to the same bus and applying saturation & processing to them together….

      02 INSIDEINFO | Remixing Hybrid Minds

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        Thanks for the tip!

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      If you’re in Ableton you could use overdrive or erosion to get more grit, that Missin tune sounds like it might be white noise shaped to sound like a cymbal. You could also just use a tape emulation like Saturn in tape mode and drive your samples hard.

      But I prefer the white noise method since it already sounds distorted in conjunction with saturation/distortion. Just make sure you EQ the noise heavily, you can match EQ (Pro-Q if you have that or you can manually find the frequency points yourself) an existing cymbal sample you have to get the characteristics/timbre of that sound.

      The chain would be

      White Noise -> EQ/MatchEQ (to shape the noise into a “cymbal”)-> Saturation/Distortion -> EQ (to remove unwanted noise from distortion and more sculpting if needed) -> Compressor if needed. Whatever else you feel like doing

      Btw instead of modulating a filter you could use amplitude modulation at a fast rate it can create “crunch” instead. Also since noise is random you can duplicate it and do hard pans left/right to get more interest and a nice stereo field.

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        Good ear. Listening now, it definitely sounds like white noise with some distortion. Maybe also some super fast tremelo or autopanning going on to get that bouncing/stutter sound?

        I’ll explore with your insight. Thanks!

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      Ive learnt it from disprove overcompressed drums tutorial around 0:40

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      If you have camelphat put it on cymbals Mix channel, then make it as a clean preset and turn on ring mod way up in distortion section. This way you’ll get this effect you want 🙂

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        Big up. I’ll try this simple technique tomorrow!

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