It’s taking ages to finish this one :(

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      ,Mind Zero

      Hello everyone! I think I posted this track before some time ago, and I’ve working on this for years and still can’t manage to finish the tune. I think I’m nearly there but something’s not right for me, would love to hear your thoughts, cheers!!

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      sounds great i think you need a build into the drop it just goes straight in yah know introduce the bass or something

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Sounding very nice, classy vibe and clean mix.

      Is the Mid range techy synth sound that comes in at 1.30 perhaps a little too high-passed / missing some mids?
      Also could that sound be more interesting in the stereo field and be ‘wider’?

      Short riff at 4 min exactly is ? would like to hear more of that as it has a very distinct ID.

      Great work.

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      ,Mind Zero

      Thank you guys, really helpful advices here!

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      This sounds really good, the mixdown is crisp and clear, those highs! Sounds like it just needs a few transitions and tweaks and its good to go, on to the next project!

      Really good stuff.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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