Jungle Fire

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      ,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

      Hi Genies,

      I set out to make a stripped down roller and unsure where to take it next. I wanted it simple but now worried it might be *too simple*. I’m uncertain as to whether I need more variation (bass / drum edits / stabs / risers / etc…) to maintain interest. Would love some feedback!


      Thanks in advance,


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      I like it the way it is maybe gate the intro drums to differentiate from the main drop and do the same for the outro very nice bass in my opinion got it playing in the car mixdown wise sounds good on this speaker

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      ,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

      Cheers Joppa,

      I’ll try and add some variety with the intro / outro drum breaks.

      Many thanks,


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      ,GENIE HQ

      This is wicked again Mark. really vintage and tasty sound to it all.
      From 1.29 is perfect. Feels like Kemal meets jungle <3

      Maybe that kind sound in the background, is it a guitar strum? very high passed...
      Maybe having that not running continuously would be good, It sounds a bit too thin to be part of the drop?
      The tune is best from 1.29 all sounds working really really well.

      Great work!

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      ,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

      Thanks Genies,

      Will remove the guitar skanks from the drop (and see if I can replace with something more beefy!).

      Any thoughts re: needing drum edits or is it acceptable to just roll through? 🙂

      Many thanks,


Viewing 4 reply threads
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