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      Junnkstyle – Rataplan

      Greetings SG massive, fairly new here, WIP link attached, keen to hear feedback, big ups!

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      Wicked tune! I like the song structure and the way it progresses esp. through the bass and the drums. Everything fits well together.

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        Easy Neal, appreciate the comment, glad you’re feeling it. Still lots to do

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Strong sounding tune. The main mid bass is full of character, quite analogue sounding (is it!?)

      Seems a bit light on sub bass – this could be due to the key the bass is in. Trying to work in some bassbin rattling frequencies will bring this tune up another level.

      Drum mix, stereo image, general arrangement all strong!

      Good work 😀

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        Easy Genie HQ, thanks for the feedback. The main bass has been processed through a couple of guitar amp plug ins, amongst others, to give it that analogue sound, glad its had the desired effect! Yeah I see what you’re saying with regards to the sub bass, will go back and address this asap. I’ll post an updated link once I’ve made the tweaks. Big love!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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