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      Hey all,

      Keen on some feedback for a minimal DNB tune.

      Callum/Selector Stallone

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      ,GENIE HQ

      The sound selection is immediately intriguing from the intro. Really nice textures and you have a strong grasp of how to mix and blend frequencies. How long have you been producing for out of interest?

      The arrangement is good, flows well and you lead the listener into the various sections. Could another version be tried (or perhaps in your next tune) where the sequence builds in intensity continuously? More elements / more energy / more tension until it winds down again?

      The beats could perhaps do with another 10% of finesse and some magic, they tend to sound a bit ‘grid drums’ as Chris Blu Mar Ten would call them. Could you experiment with some different snare fundamental pitches too?

      Stereo Width is nice and mixed well.

      Just asking one of our crew for some other feedback for you 😉

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      Thanks heaps for the honest feedback!

      I started producing a long time ago (20+ years) but I was self taught before the age of sharing info online/the grid etc and kept bad habits and shitty workflows. Gave up writing tunes about 2008 and decided to pick things back up again about April last year when lockdown started here and the DJ gigs dried up. So far I’ve been finding Sample Genie really helpful for clarifying a few misunderstandings, picking up more modern techniques/plugins or even learning a few Ableton tricks I’d never seen before.

      Not sure I’m keen to mess with the arrangement too much more on this track – but I will definitely try a more progressive flow next time. I might give the drums a little TLC though – this was my first track synthesising the main kick and snare but agree it may be a bit samey and could do with some more subtleties to keep it interesting.

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        yes agreed mixdown is great

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      I’ve got a newer version on that same link now if anyone’s interested.

      Cleaned up the hat’s a little and added a bit more progression/subtle changes to keep it a bit more interesting.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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