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      ,Eugen Bass

      I wrote a message 2 weeks ago, they wrote me back the following day to keep one tune for them, then i never heard from them in 2 weeks, regardless i asked them 2 days ago if they decided anything…they never replied!

      Hi Eugen. Yes, ‘Transformer’ is quite cool. Please give us another few days, it is serveral people here who decide about new releases, and we are quite occupied with the upcoming event this weekend. Will get back at you early next week, ok?

      Am i doing something wrong or is the same with everyone here?

      How can we up the ”demo” game so we would not waste this much time and energy?

      When i gave up(2 years ago) to send tunes i said to myself that they are small labels and they are not profesional so they can be forgiven. But! having the same issue with a label that has own stage at festivals makes me ask: is it me or it’s the same for everybody?

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Hi Eugen,

      Yes the demo / correspondence game can be a tricky and long one.
      Firstly congratulations that you are getting the attention of bigger labels, that’s a really great sign!
      Labels, even smaller ones, get a lot of music sent to them, so it’s hard to manage.
      The best advice is to remain polite and patient, don’t hassle them too much, and most importantly keep writing new tracks.
      Send the tracks to them, and pretty much forget about them after that. keep planting new seeds all the time. Sometimes labels, particularly the bigger ones will surprise you and get back to you many months after sending the music to say they want to take it, often long after you have forgotten about the tune!

      When sending demo’s, it’s better to send more than one track at a time, this gives label managers more to get a feel of and you can show off your new sound as well as some diversity. They LOVE diversity. Send 2-3 tracks instead of one, and make sure they are best quality, full length and different.

      Take everything as a positive. They get back to you with feedback? Awesome. They don’t get back? This is helpful too, simply to say (without words) the music wasn’t right for them.

      Also, don’t obsess over one label, when one turns you down, there will be another who love’s it. Personal taste accounts for a lot. We know of demo’s floating around that get turned down by xxxx (big label) but then get released by xxxxx (big label). So send to several people.

      When someone asked Thomas Edison:

      “Why do you keep trying when you have failed to make lightbulb after 1000 attempts?”

      He said:

      “I have not failed 1,000 times. I have
      successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.”

      The idea is that — even if you try and fail, it doesn’t mean that you
      didn’t learn something.

      Stay positive, keep working. It ALWAYS pays off if you really want it to.

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