Lamp Sessions (Monthly Challenge #013) – September 2019

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      Lamp Sessions #013 (September 2019) – The Kids Are Alright

      I told Shrike I was putting together a pack of samples for the September challenge, and here it is:

      I have a toddler, and September 5th we’ll have our second. My daughter likes listening to “kids music, REALLY LOUD!” in the car, and sometimes I hear something and think I should sample it. So the pack is bunch of samples from kids’ vinyl & CDs, plus some percussion (we have a big basket that she is allowed to play with, and often does, although 90% of the time it’s used to build forts), and some kid-related foley sounds, like white noise from a splash park, assorted kids toys, etc. If you need to add some one shots, FX, bass from synths, please do. The whole pack is kind of silly, but please try to use some elements from it, some of what I found was surprisingly good IMO.

      Continuing with Shrike’s newly established guidelines: If you intend to participate, please give reply with some sort of positive affirmation. Even if you just *think* you might, a public promise might encourage more users to stay the course. (of course no harm if you can’t follow through… we all know life happens). AND, if you don’t happen to reply with a claim to start, but show up with a tune, no worries.

      Secondly: There is now a mid-month check-in, if we so desire. That can be everyone’s chance to get feedback, get help with issues, etc.

      Once submissions are in, please listen to the submissions & pick one demo as your favorite, other than your own submission; if you cannot participate but listen to the submissions, add your voice to the discussion. Feedback on final submissions is encouraged as well, but not required. Just remember “Want feedback? Give feedback.”

      SUBMISSIONS DUE: Monday September 30, 2019

      VOTES DUE: Before the October samples go live, usually the 2nd of the month.
      Genies and Moderators are exempt from prizes, so be sure to vote for another member.

      SUBMIT: Upload a private track on SoundCloud and share the link in this thread any time after September 21, 2019. Collaborations are okay, but if you post a collab, you cannot also post a solo piece or additional collaborations.

      PRIZE(?!?): GENIE HQ has final say, and will announce a winner at the conclusion of each month. Typically the winner will get a free month of Sample Genie next month, and possibly some additional feedback from a Sample Genie artist.

      Any questions, just ask. Also, if you have any recommendations or ideas for future challenges, send them our way please!

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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      Nice 1, Harry!

      _-| get to work |-_

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      did some work early this month had fun messing with the samples

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      Phwoar that’s meaty Joppa, defo worth finishing in my opinion!

      Thanks for a great sample pack this month Harry, I really loved all the lofi toy sounds (must have been ace fun recording them!) and especially the acapella about the blue zoo train which I will honestly be going back to quite a lot now.

      So I’ve been away most of September so only had a tired old laptop to do this challenge on, I went for a much less processed sound than I usually would, I feel like the sounds are mostly where I want them but the arrangement is a bit haphazard (as usual)


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        really diggin the drum work bro big up

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      Joppa and Fake, you both made my day with these! Thanks for taking up the challenge and posting submissions. Who ever doesn’t get the win from Sample Genie, I will offer the runner-up a license of their choice for either iZotope Trash2 (distortion), or D16 Audio Sigmund (delay).

      Joppa – I can envision a vocalist on top of the main beat of your demo. Really like the little glitches and quick FX hits!

      Fake – really like how you melded together the different pieces I put in the pack, and I caught the vocal from the blue zoo train accapella. Even though you didn’t use your usual equipment and tools, it still has that “Hi, I’m Fake and this is music I wrote” feel to it.

      Little insight to my sampling process, I usually use the catalog number for a record or CD so I can check for track info, and eventually go down rabbit holes to find more related material.

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Impossible to call this one.
      Joppa on some wicked old school stripped back loose grooves, new sounding production, Bryan G, Marky, Marcus Vibes 🙂

      Fake, gone in on the production, as always bringing a new flavor 🙂

      Will have to put this one to the crowd 🙂

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      Fake is definitely a heavy hitter here (really like that creepy middle breakdown/build), but I am gonna vote Mr JOPPA.

      Nice work, my friend.

      I’ll get back in these for the next one, this month was just crazy, crazy busy.


      _-| get to work |-_

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        thanks shrike

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        where is everybody on these

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