Last track i've "finished". What do you think?

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      ,Suspect Dnb

      Hi people! I’ve been in here since 2015 and I think I’m starting to make tunes sound like something. This is the last thing I’ve managed to “””finish”””. By finish I mean the structure and sounds but it’s certainly not the final version. I think you guys will really like it.
      What do you think?

      Also feel free to give me some criticism = )


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      ,Suspect Dnb

      By the way the voice samples are from ‘How to get away with murder’ if anyone has seen the show/is curious about it 🙂

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      Sounds good mate !
      I think you nailed the overall structure.
      From what I can pick up, your drums still sound a bit dry, maybe try to push them into a send room reverb ? Especially the snare which I find lacks a bit of a tail. your main drum break could benefit from some more percussions to make it even more interesting.

      Also it seems like your intro pad sounds have some lower frequencies clashing with your drums, try to high pass them around 200Hz to make some room. Sidechaining them to the Kick is a popular trick that usually works well.

      Keep on !

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      ,Suspect Dnb

      Wow thanks so much for the detailed feedback, I’ll get to those things asap.
      Cheers mate! <3

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      big ups homie! 😀


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