Lest We Forget

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      ,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

      Hi Genies!

      3rd track to share, this time taking it down a liquid road – created following a tutorial by a certain Paul SG (as well as using a tonne of knowledge gained from Sample Genie!) – I even sampled some of the tutorial itself (meta and possibly copyright infringing?). Been sitting on this one a while wondering where to take it next – no inspiration has come so bring on constructive suggestions! All feedback welcome 🙂


      Thanks in advance,


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      ,GENIE HQ

      This is wicked Mark so much atmosphere and vibe and so enjoyable. Big Intalex and SoulR feelings here.
      You need to get this to Calibre! Would you mind if we see if we can pass it on to him?

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      ,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

      Good morning Genies,

      Wow… I wasn’t expecting that (and thanks)! Yes, please feel free to share the track with whoever you see fit (including the mighty Calibre) – the more feedback the better :-). Please let me know if you need an offline copy (I can’t remember if you can download web-shared files from dropbox).

      Many thanks (as always) for taking the time,


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      I checked the tune very nice liquid vibes here keep it up my dude

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