Liquid and neuro from same artist?

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      ,Target Audience

      Hi guys, I wanted to ask you opinion about releasing liquid and neuro from same artist name since Im struggling to decide weather to make two artist names or have it all in one artist. The way I see it is that when people come to listen some artist then they hope to hear the songs that has made the artist and having different songs can attract people from both sides (neuro and liquid) but mixing liquid and neuro could be confusing for people 😀

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      ,dave [rom]

      Haha I have the same problem. When I make liquid (only occasionally), it *feels* more like a side project, so that seems like the natural thing to do, but another identity seems like a lot of effort lol.

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Well we know Noisia had their ‘Drifter’ project, which had some amazing vibes, touching on liquid at times. Maybe a different alias could suit you if you wanted to experiment with different flavours?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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