Looking for brutal honest feedback on a techy roller

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      I haven’t posted in a while, or made any tunes in a while, made a dark techy roller.

      Feedback appreciated, the harsher and more brutal the better, otherwise i wont get any better.

      This is V1 of a WIP

      Private link below.

      Cheers guys



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      I know the mods in the first section need some work



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      ,GENIE HQ

      Intro – Nice tension and mystery, has a classic sound in some ways, nice modulations on the bass sound.

      Drop – Sounds big! Kind of comes out of nowhere however, perhaps a slightly longer intro and more of a build to suck the listeners ear into the drop would be good…

      Progression – Tune moves along nicely, perhaps killing background pads and having it dry bass and drums would be nice, the fx might be deeping it too much to run continuously. Bring them back in later. The vocal edit fx are great!

      Mix – Tight mixing, just a little more clarity could be good, perhaps dialing back the reverb or further sidechaining against it might help. Stereo use is really nice. Overall you have good phat organic sound. Not too much bass and nicely balanced.

      Very nice work!

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        Cheers Genie great feedback !

        Thank you for the tips, canโ€™t wait to try and tidy up the mix a bit


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      Update ๐Ÿ™‚


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