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      I just posted all my 2020 tunes that I think are a good representation of where I am as a producer. My current frustration is that I try to get it clearer and louder than they are. but any time I try to push past the point of brightness or bottom end that I am achieving now, the tune will fall apart. and/or they just do not mix with some current sounds well.

      I would like to be able to apply the next level of polish. I just am not sure what that would be at this point. Maybe there is a theme of mistakes in my sound and someone can help me pin point it, so I can evolve.

      Thank you any who dare to venture into me.


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      ,GENIE HQ

      Might be better to post links to a track directly, or perhaps a couple of tunes, this might be easier for people to offer feedback…

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      its possible youre over compressing? Are you familiar with subtractive mixing? Are you applying EQ/Filtering so that you can assure each sound has a frequency that can cut thru the mix?

      Too much compression equals distortion. Seperate your basses so that you have a super clean low end and then make layer above that can handle various amounts of compression. Have your bass trigger a noise gate even!

      Whats your monitoring solution like?

      Ive decided to come out of lurking after many years. Hopefully I can be of use.

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      Thanks for the thoughts, Animus. For me Distortion is kinda the point. In my own frustration I figured out my own shit. Now it’s louder than hell. So I am good. Again thank you =)


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      I love distortion too! Before DJing DnB I was a hard techno/schranz DJ, its distorion heavy. Just knowing how and why distortion happens can lead to happier results. Any insight to what you figured out?

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      Sure, I mean you already know how Distortion comes about, overdriving anything. What I always do is dump a clean sine wave into every plug in I have ever bought and see how it distorts. Disproves Drum Over Compression is a great place to find similar techniques to the ones I am applying. I think if you watch the video you will get the point and be on your way. =) I hope this helps!

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      thanks will check out

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