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      I want to improve the way how to mix down and how to integrate it in my workflow.

      Are there any good tutorials out there?

      I’m looking for:

      – Where to start in a mixdown, lets say you have a project mixed down to 0db, where do you start? Drums first? Bass first? etc.
      – How to setup a master fx chain that I can use in my projects, Culprate for example mixes down to -8 db always, and then has an L2 on the master, but why? Why is this? Why do we need headroom? What’s wrong with always just making tracks at 0db?

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Hey Tom,

      Quite a few tutorials from previous seasons contain mixdown advice, a recent one from last season by QZB covers this in some detail and is generally a good lesson on mixing down that style.

      03 | QZB | Minimalism

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