Making strings from Inner City Life

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      Hi everyone, new member here, great site and loved the Optical vids!

      I’ve been trying to make the strings from Inner City Life, just for kicks, and because I wanted that MetalHeadz sound in my tracks.
      The processes I went through was to look up what the original was made on, a quote from Rob Playford in Sound on Sound magazine in 1998 stated they used the Emu Vintage Keys. So I went looking for a sample set from that. Closest i got was the Emu Vintage Pro sample set on the Legowelt site. It had some really close strings!

      I got these into ableton, into a sampler. I set a filter to open with a brief attack at the start and a pitch envelope to drop at the end of each note. Touch of reverb and delay to gel it together.

      Let me know what you think and how close I got:

      Paul / PAS1

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Amazing effort mate! Awesome sleuthing up on Rob Playford quotes, you have certainly captured that magical era of sound beautifully in your tune here. Having that string set saved as a rack is a great asset to have
      Very impressive and a breath of fresh air to hear this!

      P.s welcome to Sample Genie! Hope you enjoy it!

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      sound sick those mate !

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