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      Screen Grab evolving pads/atmos

      I struggle to understand levelling out an audio clip. for example I have this stem with an evolving pad atmos, it starts of with the highs rolled off, and as you can see as it progresses, more high freq content is introduced as the track progresses and some drive from a tape delay plugin is automated at points as the atmos evolves with the track.
      What i wanted to do was manage those peaks that develop with some creative limiting/compression i guess, or alternately bring up the lower level stuff at the start to match the -db of the automated peaks.
      Hope I’m making sense, & i’m sure my ongoing forays into compression/limiting etc. and its uses would yield the answers,I just wanted to see if anyone had any answers or knew any great resources that address this problem specifically, thanks in advance for your time!

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      ,[email protected]

      I usually use plugins like slate digital vcc or fabfilter saturn for smashing random peaks but i guess answer to your question is saturation. Use drive moderately. Monitor process visually with a plugin like exoscope(free). Hope this helps!


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      That’s interesting thankyou, i own saturn, how would you use it in this context?

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