Metal Gear Solid meets D&B – Feedback Please!

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      ,Robert Kramer

      Been working on this one over the last few days and I’m pretty pleased so far.

      Fission Mailed

      What do you think?

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      Nice one. Some very fun musical ideas in here.

      I like the vox samples, gives a nice atmos vibe.

      Lead bass sound is also interesting, and has the potential to be a heavyweight.

      The mix needs some more love. The drums are a little reserved, and with that banger of a lead I would assume that ‘reserved’ is not the goal. I think the snare & kick levels need to come up, maybe some more density with some compression, and the xtransients aren’t really cutting through. Are you gating or compressing your bass with a sidechain timed to the drums? It’s hard to detect it, if so, and I think you could open up those ~35ms moments a little more to let the drums punch through.

      Also, your lowend, first fundamental sub freq is only hitting about -6. If you can get that closer to 0, and then mix around that, the track will have quite a bit more punch and body. To help, I will make my usual rec of the greatest (imo) free plugin in a dnb artist’s arsenal: bx subfilter.

      It’s not the right way to do it, but just to get an idea, take that bad boy and just slap it on your entire mix, then set the “tight punch” to 44hz, and listen to the difference it makes. Hopefully that makes you smile. Then go back in and do it the right way by only placing it on the sub, etc etc.

      And maybe a Soundcloud account could be useful for you as well, if you don’t have.

      I hope that helps. Keep going!

      _-| get to work |-_

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      I didn’t look into the mix details like Shrike but a couple other things jumped out:
      The drums can also cut through with more high end content (say some extra noise for the body/tail) as well as just more in your kit, like crashes on phrases or shakers or whatever you like in there.

      Even without the crashes the builds were strong but I didn’t feel the payoff. I think it needs some variation for novelty, whether that’s call and response with another instrument or a couple sets of slightly tweaked patches or even just some parameter automation.

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      ,Robert Kramer

      Thanks for the tips guys! Seriously appreciate it. Gonna be working more on this tonight, and should have some progress to report in the days to come!

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