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      Hi everyone,

      I’ve recently started following some of the tutorials again and trying to take my tunes up a notch in terms of mixdown quality.

      I have also recently purchased some Ollo mixing headphones and have done 95% of the mixing with them, only the odd quick reference on speakers.

      This isn’t a final version…. I need to add a few elements and give my ears a rest for a week or so before I go back into it.

      I would love some constructive criticism if possible.


      https://soundcloud.com/ jack-evasion-evo/rollurghhhh2/s-3teOL
      (not sure if the full link below works, if not just remove the space from this link)


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      in terms of mix down sounds well balanced sick tune btw

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      thanks for checking it man, glad you like it! been getting more and more into the minimal sound, very fun to put together!

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      I might open the filter on that audible bass stab that comes in and out. More of a taste thing, but it could help carry the energy if it were to have a bit more “growl” every now and then.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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