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      With everything going very internet based these days it can be easy to overlook the traditional magazine as a source of inspiration and information. In a cupboard here in the office we found a load of old issues of Computer Music and Music Tech magazine. They have so many great little graphics and snippets of information in that serve as nice little reminders or, for newcomer producers they can be brilliant at explaining things quickly.

      We thought we’d start a little thread where people can post any images like these (we’ll aim to dig out a few more too!)


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      ,GENIE HQ
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      Really good example of the Distory What? principal is the tune Decypher by Mefjus & Kasra.

      Incredibly simple tune in terms of design but really very loud and they manage to get a <200hz bassline that squashed by filling out the rest of the spectrum at all times with various noises and drones which stops the bass audibly distorting.

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