My second track: Gameplus – War

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      Hello guys this is my second track of my debut ep.
      I’d really like some very good and piky feedback for improve!
      Mix & master by me.
      It should be at -4/-5 lufs i wont to push more than -3 because i want it get too messy for a bit more of loudness

      Thanks for your time !

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Nice nice nice! – musicality is excellent

      To be pedantic:

      – Intro could do with being longer, or more of a tantalizing build up. Feels like it just drops..

      – mix feels a bit poky, the frequencies are not melding into one another as well as they could to give that wall of sound

      – more top end in the upper mid end of the bass would help with this

      – Snare is great. perhaps sticking out compared to other bits. Don’t turn snare down, work up the other parts around it more, using envelope shapers / schain / dynamic EQ to blend the mix together

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        Thanks for your very constructive comment as always! i hope to get better in the next track!! thanks so much!

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