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      ,Sunken Forest

      Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well and progressing further along your collective musical journeys. I just thought I would drop by and share a project that I’ve recently launched with a collaborative partner here in Brisbane Australia.

      This first track we’ve decided to release for free, without one of those pesky download gates forcing you to do anything!

      Would love any feedback from anyone that wants to take a listen to it. The rest of the music we have planned won’t really be dnb, but I’ll still likely roll through with any other genre outings to keep things fresh.

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Awesome to hear new work from you. Always exciting.
      Sound design on point and fresh as ever.

      3 main ideas would be:

      – Kick need a little more roundness and low down thunk?
      – low mid harmonics in bass could be limited off and pushing in the mix a bit more?
      – snare perhaps a touch buried and dulled out by other parts, also possibly few db too quiet?

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        ,Sunken Forest

        Thanks Genies! I hear you on all those points, and they were actually the main issues I have with it. Unfortunately we decided to just run with it for now as we have a festival slot this weekend and need some kind of presence online! Will definitely bear this advice in mind for the next crop that will be coming through!

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      ,The DefinitionThe Definition

      I’m tuning into it right now and I gotta say this tune is pretty decent. Great flow throughout the tracks, the arrangement works well to keep me interested and the sounds all work well with each other and the mix.

      As far as advice, The Genies have said mostly what was on my mind, I think with how clean everything is coming through pushing the sounds to be a bit more distorted would be something that may bring an extra dimension of sound to what’s already done well.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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