New track im working on prob best i've made so far..

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      New track im working on prob best i’ve made so far..

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        Needs a little bit more variation for my taste but you got some real solid sounds going there. This sounds like something Schedule One would be interested in signing, too, so shoot it over to them!

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      ,Ruben D

      sounds nice

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      ,GENIE HQ

      yep, loads of energy. weirdness, on the right lines amigo! keep us in the loop! 😀

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      Love the intro dude sets the vibe perfectly! Couple things you could try. Play around boosting some of the low harmonics in the first bass riff i can usually find a cool overtone between 100-160hz it can beef up the bass nicely sometimes. might need to automate it so it works with the note changes or duplicate different notes of bass to their own channel and find each overtone. only other thing is the breakdown and second drop sound pretty much like a copy and paste would be nice to hear a new element or something different there. still sounds sick regardless

Viewing 4 reply threads
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