new track of mine (someone for master tips?)

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      ,bicho raro

      hi guys!
      this is my last track (is a remix of a techno idm track)
      i like it but sounds is a bit too closed and gloomy
      i love deep and dark atmospheres but i would like that the final result sound to be more clean and brilliant in the mide side
      some suggestion or feedback?
      thanks a lot in advance

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      ,GENIE HQ

      this is deep! awesome use of some of the genie samples in there :))
      very moody atmosphere to it, could fit a neill Blomkamp film soundtrack!
      great work Bicho

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        ,bicho raro

        apologize my “disappearance” and thanks for appreciate my track!
        District 9 is a great movie! thanks again

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      It feels very wide overall. I would tone that down a bit and don’t have so much on the sides and more in the mid.

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        ,bicho raro

        hi tonerfilt, thanks for your suggest, i’m trying to work better with mid side eq to future tracks
        thanks again

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      Very nice – music for the night bus home. That middy synth noise may benefit from a bit of filtration automation maybe?

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