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      Hey guys,

      Looking for opinions on my latest track.

      All critiques welcome 😉

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      ,dave [rom]

      Nice one! I dig the vibe you’ve got going there. The bassline’s a heater for sure. Overall the sound design is sharp and punchy, but maybe even a little too much so. Don’t get me wrong, i’m all about the distortion, but with that many frequencies coming that hard, it did cause a bit of ear fatigue. I think if you narrow down your frequency palette a bit more, it’ll allow all the elements in your tunes to stand out more – which, IMO, give a tune more character. But yeah, that shit is metal. Rock on! \m/

      btw i followed you on SC (subspace_rom), cheers!

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      Nice one man, big ups.

      Ya I really like that top end crunchiness. Newer Phace stuff is a good example. It’s just tough to get that high end crunchy but smooth at the same time. I’m going to do some tweaks to it soon, I’ll post an updated version. Thanks for replying 😉

Viewing 2 reply threads
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