new WIP i'm happy with so far, anyone up for some constructive criticism?

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      just starting to get the hang of dialing in compressors, happy with the mix so far, but will probably keep tweaking.

      this one i started on the weekend

      any feedback would be great

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      ,Mind Zero

      Pretty good track overall, I like the bass groove but there’s something I’m missing in regarding to the drums. If your intention it’s to make a rolling track I would maybe change the drum pattern to something more linear/constant/danceable, but if it’s not the case, I feel like the kick should be more powerful and the snare would need to stand out a bit more in the mix.

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      that what mind zero said, I also think if the snare and kick would have more energy / power the track would be more “in your face”. Overall love the idea and the arrangement works well man, good stuff 🙂

Viewing 2 reply threads
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