New WIP looking for feed back

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      ,GENIE HQ

      tunes gone?

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      hi bennett,

      i really like the deep and hyped vibes!

      sometimes the tune feels a bit repetitive/static imo, which you could improve by:
      – adding different sounding snares/claps at the end of 8 or 16 bars;
      – adding a higher sound/fx which enters halfway a block of 16 bars (intensifies hype);
      – replacing the ghost-snare-percussion (at 0:46 and throughout) with different sounding percussion/ghost snares for more contrast… or maybe just leave some out… less is more sometimes;
      – playing with the lfo rate thats used on the sub;
      – the drum-buildup before the drop is out of balance imo… maybe check out enei – hotplate as inspiration (he also uses this kind of drum-buildup but the kick is way softer/more focus on fx).

      hopefully this is the kind of feedback you were looking for!

      when the tune is finished, can i have a dub? 😀

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      ,Eugen Bass

      Niceness! Again what ,BOI said and i would add, add some sick hi-end texture! could be from drums/bass or entire mix just something that gives that ”clean distorsion”.

      Also don’t use only the 8/16 bars for variation. On 4 or even 3 bars also works great. Do something unusual!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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