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      I would like to know if anyone has any good references for creative usages using (any color) noise. To quote Russolo:

      “Noise accompanies every manifestation of our life. The noise, therefore, is familiar to our ear, and has the power to conjure up life itself. On the other hand, sound, foreign to life, always a musical, outside thing, an occasional element, has come to strike our ears no more than an overly familiar face does our eye.”

      For white noise I have no better analogy than the white color, color from which all other colors are made. I find noise to be a powerful element that deserves a new attention in our productions, thus I’m looking for anything, books, videos, anything cross-genre for usage of noise in music production.

      I highly recommend you ‘The Art of Noise’ by Luigi Russolo. You can find it here.

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      Look in the Signal arrangement/bass videos he shows 2 uses of noise. In the coming up disprove video he uses autopan at max rate to turn percussion samples into noise.

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      Well you can easily sculpt noise into all sorts of things, like simulating distortion, or percussive elements like Bennett mentioned. Once you pitch it using AM or whatever, you can add effects and make playable instruments from it.

      If you want inspiration, just listen to anything by Merzbow or check Sub Rosa’s 7 piece Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music series. Probably a good place to start.

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