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      Ez Genie Crew,

      I don’t suppose anyone has any experience with the Mackie XR series by any chance? I have had my trusty Yamaha HS80 for almost 9 years and they have been battered and bruised at house parties in my younger days and its time for a change.

      I am torn between the Adam A7X and Mackie XR series, i know the Adams have always highly rated but i know the Mackie HR series where also loved, which the XRs are the cheaper version of.

      Safe guys,


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      For what it’s worth I just got the Adam T7V (their low end speakers) and I’ve been totally blown away. Best monitors in that price range that I’ve heard, even better than some more expensive ones – mids/highs are so clear without being fatiguing and the stereo image is spectacular. I haven’t heard the A7X but they have been highly recommended.

      If you can find a shop that has these to try that’s probably your best bet, monitors are kind of a personal choice. I didn’t have the ability to do that and took a leap on the Adams and couldn’t be happier.

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        Thanks for the reply on this mate. I live in Bristol and everywhere has the Adam’s but not the Mackies!

        I’ll have a gander into the T7V i know the shops near me stock them.

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      I’m actually looking at getting the Adam T5V’s in the next few months.

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

Viewing 2 reply threads
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