Ohmicide Phaction tutorial

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      Hi guys,

      I downloaded a demo of Ohmicide and I can’t get anything like the noise/top end that he gets in his tutorial, anyone else had any luck? I’ve tried it on clean 808’s and more distorted stuff too and just can’t get that noise that he seems to get with ease. I appreciate that you’ll never get the same results as tutorials but I thought if it was a case of introducing some noise it’d pretty similar! Any help?

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      Did you try creating a rack or parallel processing chain, one with the Ohmicide, and one the original sound? And did you mess with the band crossovers? I just downloaded the demo, seemed to get a good noisy version. Maybe bounce out an A/B loop and post here? One with the original sound, and the other with the distortion applied.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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