Only 1 round of videos this month?

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      Is there only going to be one round of video tutorials this month? I’m not a regular subscriber to sample genie so I’m not sure if this is standard practice, usually I sub for one month then cancel before the end of the month if I see a producer I’m interested in, and on the past occasions that I’ve done this there has always been a second round of tutorials before the month is up…

      So before I inevitably cancel my sub tomorrow (31st August), should I expect more videos for my August subscription?

      My expectations are only based on past experiences…not being ungrateful or anything.

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Hey Mayson,

      We only deliver videos at the beginning of the month, there’s no second round that we upload later on. So you can be sure there is nothing more to come this month.
      The new tutorials from Insideinfo are going up in a couple of days…

      All the best.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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