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      Hello genies,

      do you all use OTT? I’ve seen a few videos about OTT and how it fucks up the phase of your sounds. But then again I see almost every DnB producer using it in Serum. What’s your views on it?

      Nothing of interest here.

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      ,GENIE HQ

      📌 Great post.
      It would certainly be interesting to get opinions on this.
      However it generally seems if audiophiles and other genres tend to avoid certain plugins…. you can be sure as hell that it’s very popular in D&B!

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      ,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

      From me it’s a ‘yeah’.

      I use the multi-band compression (OTT) within Serum to growl-up a midbass when synthesising – I’m also never too far away from dropping the standalone Xfer AU/VST (or Ableton native OTT) onto bass as part of the sound-design process (deffo not as a compressor).

      Will watch the video you posted though – interested to hear what style of music they produce and why they never use OTT.

      Many thanks,


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      It fucks up the phase so use sparingly. Like others said it’s nice to use in paricular use cases in the mids for basses and stuff as it does a good job of bringing forward the quietest bits in a sound to the front due the heavy upward compression but you can lose the overall loudness if you don’t account for it later in the chain or if the source material doesn’t have many harmonics.

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      ,Cormac Paul

      I might be wrong about this but, the problem with OTT and the phasing it causes is because, on the standalone Xfer plugin, you can’t change the frequencies of the bands. In the Ableton version, the lower bands is set to 88Hz or something and there’s two filters set to that frequency which is what is going to cause the biggest phase issues. When I use Ableton’s OTT I always make sure to move the crossover a good amount above 80Hz, usually to between 120-150 or even higher depending on how it’s sounding. No idea if this is doing what I hope it’s doing but I think by moving the crossovers higher you get less phasing issues which is what Fox Stevenson is on about in his vid

Viewing 4 reply threads
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