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      Ez everyone!
      Looking to add to my synth collection for DNB basses, what are some good software synths for creating those nasty big basses other than Massive,Serum?

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      I would think that you could make big nasty basses on almost everything, and that its the processing (saturation, distortion, compression, limiting etc.) that makes for a big sound. Other than that I could recommend anything by u-he, Hive is a good one, also the latest synth Thorn by DS Audio, which focus on modern electronic music.

      Hope that helped you a bit on the way

      – Aniki

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      Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll have a look into some of them 🙂

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      Operator, U-He Diva, NI Monark, Surge (free), UVI Falcon, NI FM8, Both DS synths, Sylenth, Reaktor, your DAW’s synth

      Are generally all capable of making nice basses. For dnb it’s almost more important the treatment and FX’ing the sound. This and usage/composition are the key, IE right sound for the right part.

      There’s a shitload of insane things you could do with a simple square wave, the kind generated by any competent vst synth, if given the right processing chain.

      _-| get to work |-_

Viewing 3 reply threads
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